Warlock Volume 1 #13 UK Print August 1976, Cover by Jim Starlin. “Homecoming!”, script by Jim Starlin, pencils by Jim Starlin (layouts) and Steve Leialoha (finished art), inks by Steve Leialoha; Warlock defeats the creatures conjured up by the Star Thief and he knows, that his enemy is actually the invalid Barry Bauman; Star Thief creates a shark which proves to be too powerful for Warlock, he can only defeat it by leading into the path of a comet; After the collision with the comet, the Star Thief thinks Warlock unconscious but Adam tricked him and steals a part of his soul; Star Thief creates a fire giant and takes control of its body, Warlock realizes that this gives the giant a weakness and crushes its brain with a big rock. Letter to the editor from writer Paul Dini.