Warlock Volume 1 #13 UK Print January 1976, Cover by Jim Starlin. First appearance of the Star Thief in “Here Dwells the Star Thief!”, script by Jim Starlin, pencils by Jim Starlin (layouts) and Steve Leialoha (finished art), inks by Steve Leialoha; In Wildwood Hospital lies young Barry Bauman who was born without any of the five senses; As Warlock decides what to do about the phenomena of the disappearing stars he realizes, that the Soul Gem wants him to investigate; He finds a world frozen because of the disappearance of its sun; With the help of the Soul Gem Warlock discovers, that just one Earth man is responsible for the vanishing stars; Barry Bauman is revealed to be the Star Thief; He wants revenge because nobody cared about his condition and before he turns his attention to Earth he wants to transport all surrounding suns into the endless dimension of his omnipotent brain so that the people know his loneliness before he destroys them. Letter to the editor from comics writer Ralph Macchio