The Darkness Volume 1 No.11,

The story opens up with Jackie having a nightmare of Sonatine. As he wakes up he is visited by Wenders, who wants to serve Jackie. Jackie refuses his offer. As last ditch, Wenders offers himself sexually to Jackie as he can’t have sex with any woman because of The Darkness. Jackie responds to this offer by throwing him out the window into a garbage container. An unknown man sees this and promptly informs his boss.

The next day, Frankie Franchetti holds a welcoming party for his daughter Appolonia. Appolonia has come back from Europe and asks to have a private talk with her father. She asks Frankie to be involved in his business and become her fathers right hand. Frankie refuses, saying that this isn’t what he wanted for her.

Meanwhile, Jackie sits in his room, regretting that Jenny has left. He is then interrupted by Appolonia. Appolonia kills her cat in front of Jackie as to show that she will do anything to take over her father business. She then declares her plans to find out why Frankie is keeping Jackie in his family.

Elsewhere, Appolonia confronts Wenders, who was kidnapped by her men. She presses him into revealing everything about Jackie, but Wenders doesn’t say anything, keeping loyal to him. Appolonia then call Vespasian who tortures him into revealing about The Darkness, Angelus and its connection to Jackie. With this information, she creates a plan to become an host for Angelus and with her power, kill Jackie and her father.