1602 New World 1-4 of 5 2005.

he story takes place largely on Roanoke Island, which is governed by Ananias Dare. His daughter Virginia and Peter Parquagh (this world’s Spider-Man) are fighting an invasion of dinosaurs, and tensions between the colonists and Native Americans are increasing, with Englishman Norman Osborne attempting to cheat the natives out of the island. Unrest about metahumans is also increasing, led by newspaperman J. Jonah Jameson. Osbourne is quick to blame this on the natives and Rojhaz (this world’s Captain America).

This world’s Hulk (David Banner) has apparently killed King James, and is wondering where his allegiances lie. He is identified on Roanoke Island by Peter. Banner is an enemy of the colony after attempting to kill Sir Nicholas Fury, and is almost executed, but is reprieved and taken by the dinosaurs.

In London, King James, who is still alive, tells Lord Iron (this world’s Iron Man) to retrieve Banner, whom the King is worried about. Iron’s arrival in the New World with Rhodes and Captain Ross is violent. Dare is ultimately arrested for treason for his declaration of independence.

Osborne and Ross plot to capture the Source, which gives the metahumans their power, but Peter interferes and tells their plans to policeman Dougan. Virginia forces Iron and Rhodes to forswear their loyalty to the English.

Dougan, the Spider (Peter), and Dougan’s men free Ananias. while fighting begins between the natives and the English. with the Spider. The natives and the Hulk arrive and begin to fight the English and Lord Iron. Osborne orders native chieftain Marioac to give him the Source, but is told that it died when Rojhaz left. Virginia orders everybody to stop fighting.

Lord Iron makes amends to Banner. Iron and Rhodes decide to stay at the colony, and rebuild Jameson’s printing press. Banner leaves with the English soldiers to be executed. The colonists and natives make peace, and Osborne is tried and imprisoned for his crimes.